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Please watch this great video! It tells you all about WAG and our projects! Middlesex University students provide an in depth homeless toolkit.

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SCIO Middlesex University Students Homeless Toolkit

The purpose of this toolkit is to promote awareness of the plight of homeless people to change the negative perception that stigmatises homeless people.   
 This toolkit wants to challenge you as a reader to overcome your unconscious and conscious biases, and stereotypes of homeless to realise that they are not any different from anyone else, they are just not lucky enough to have a good support system.  

 Who is the toolkit for?   
 The stakeholders for this toolkit are:   Working Action Group   
 The WorkingActionGroup is a non-profit community organisation, which is run by volunteers, who enhance and benefit the community for everyone. Their aim is to help homeless people through their homeless mobile multipurpose bus unit along with various methods such as a recruitment volunteer team, and the distribution of clean clothing, hygiene products and food. Lloyds Bank sponsors of School for Social Entrepreneurs & the Big Lottery provided a small grant of seed funding for their Action for Equality & Diversity project. Their objectives are to improve the conditions of homeless people as well as to provide sourcing of job opportunities, work experience and to find relevant organisations that offer support needed. To know more about their current project, see page 38.   
 Dr Doirean Wilson Dr Doirean Wilson is currently a module leader for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion at Middlesex University. In her earlier career she is recognised as a significant figure in the area of diversity. She is also in the field of cultural management, gender disparity and leadership management. She has published various reports and books as well as receiving a research grant of Internal Learning & Teaching Project Scheme by Middlesex University. Also, she is a Member of the Winmark Human Resources Directors Network board and project team, which are regarded as "the world class standard in management of membership communities." 

SCIO DIVersity toolkit final version (pdf)