Welcome to Working Action Group. WAG is a non profit making community organisation run by volunteers to benefit and enhance the community for all.

What We Do


Who We Are

Our aim is to improve the conditions, faced by homeless people through recruiting a team of volunteers, to assist in the distribution of food, clean clothing and hygiene products. The objectives include sourcing of job opportunities, work experience and sign posting to the revelant organisations that can offer the required support.


Our Work

  • Our plan is to prepare volunteers to support homeless people.

  • To assist with expenses and provide uniforms; and ID cards.

  • We will be actively fundraising to support this venture.

  • Ultimately our aim will be to have a working mobile unit which creates a safe and warm environment for the homeless.

  • Whilst working with the homeless we recognised the terrible discrimination they faced and we have started an "Unconscious and Conscious Bias Programme". Our organisational goals is to have social impact on all forms of discrimination. We are currently working to develop a bespoke toolkit and assessment programme that is not only directed at Acedemia or the private sector. This will include voluntary taster workshops and assessments.

  • We will be seeking to have impact in the wider community by engaging with NGO'S voluntary groups, social enterprises and funding organisations and Government institutions. The outcome will improve community cohesion understanding tolerance and improvement in the social environment both within a community and work setting.

  • Our recent activities have included the collection of an emergency fund to pay for emergency accommodation for the homeless that have no space in the night shelter and nowhere to go.

  • Seminars and bespoke programmes personalised for your organisation.

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